5th edition

May 26 2016


05:45 pm

Welcome to the way!

06:00 pm

Backends for frontends

If you're designing an API for mobile from scratch, you're lucky. But what if your mobile apps need to fit into an ecosystem that has been around for years? In this talk, we'll look at some patterns that can help solve these problems. How can mobile clients consume APIs originally designed for Desktop-based websites? How can we maintain consistency in business logic across different mobile platforms? What happens to users who don't upgrade their apps? Can we maintain compatibility and fix bugs?

By: Akshay Dewan

07:00 pm - Track 1

Hide n Seek: View Debugging in iOS & other Magic

iOS is one of the most powerful platform out there. Power to create the best UX out there. But with great power comes great responsibilities and the need for great debugging skills. In this talk we will see how we can leverage runtime to find out what happens behind the scenes.

By: Tapan Thaker

07:00 pm - Track 2

Getting your applications ready for Android N

Google has started releasing previews for Android N, and will finalise APIs and behaviour by June. There are major changes that are happening on Android N, not only on the UI, but even at an architectural level. In this talk, we aim to cover two critical changes in behaviour - Multi Window, and Background Optimisations. We will discuss what behavioural changes Android is making in these two areas, and how we can get our applications ready for these. If time permits, we'll brush over some other topics.

By: Abhinav Manchanda and Sagar Bhat

08:00 pm

WrapUp and Snacks

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