8th edition

Mar 29 2017


5:45 pm

Welcome to the way!!!!!!!!!

6:00 pm

Building Intelligence into Applications

How can we get more out of something? This is true even with applications. Rather than just building an application, we must start building intelligence into our applications. But what does an intelligent application mean? It could mean that the application is able to anticipate moves and ‘react’ accordingly or reduce manual intervention where decisions are to be made using automated processes.

By: Shraddha Surana

I am working as a developer, data scientist and consultant at Thoughtworks. I have a keen interest in data science, machine learning and the brain. I have completed my Masters in Technology with major in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning where my thesis involved detecting network intrusions using fuzzy clustering and artificial neural networks. Currently I am exploring H2O, TensorFlow and working towards creating a plug and play modular chatbot in my free time. I like music and dance; and often start my holidays thinking about completing my painting.

7:00 pm

IOT - from connectivity to smartness

Internet of Things market is growing rapidly with billions of devices being connected every year. One can expect just any "thing" around him / her to be connected, monitored and controlled over the network, thanks to the new technology. As connectivity at scale becomes ubiquitous and affordable a whole new range of untapped devices / objects turn into valuable sources of data for businesses. Making "sense" of this huge volumes of data is a non-trivial problem. Enabling dramatically faster data processing for drawing insights to facilitate faster and "Smarter" decision making is critical for businesses to gain competitive edge. This talk will explore the challenges and approaches of making this possible.

By: Arti Pande

A home-maker and developer experienced in enterprise java technologies, interested in emerging technology trends like artificial intelligence and IoT. Especially those that help a great deal in solving the non-trivial industrial and social problems. In free time I enjoy reading history, economics, political stuff and listening music.

8:00 pm

WrapUp and Snacks

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