3rd edition

Mar 10 2016


5:45 pm

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6:00 pm

Basics of functional Programming

You must have heard people talk about Functional programming whilst your nod apprehensively, and how cool people do functional programming. You must have heard people talk about functional purity and imperative blasphemy. But what exactly does functional programming entail? Why is it making a comeback? This talk is aimed at providing an objective and practical view of what FP can and cannot do, and how it's nothing to be scared of, what languages support functional style and how it can help alleviate some common programming problems.

By: Siddharth Kulkarni

6:45 pm

Basics of functional Programming

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7:00 pm

FP vs OOP : Design Methodology

Abstract Data Types and Object Oriented Programming are two prominent methods of software design. Abstract Data Types used in Functional Programming paradigm employ type abstraction and are centred around the operations. While objects use procedural abstraction and organised around the constructors. In this talk, we will analyse differences between these orthogonal implementation techniques and their effects on extensibility, efficiency and typing. The talk includes code examples for illustration purpose but it doesn't emphasises on specific programming language or implementation method.

By: Harshad Nawathe

7:45 pm

FP vs OOP : Design Methodology

Demo and Discussions

8:00 pm

WrapUp and Snacks

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