9th edition

Jul 5 2017


5:45 pm

Welcome to the way!!!!!!!!!

6:00 pm

Testing Strategies with Rails

Apps needs robust and preferably automated tests. The talk will explore test concepts/strategies for developers using Rails examples. What is a Test Pyramid? Why tests are important in an application? What should we test at different levels? How to write effective test and reduce test run time?

By: Kavita Jadhav

Kavita is Application Developer in ThoughtWorks and have worked in ruby for 2 years.

7:00 pm

Dr. Culture Shock Or how I stopped worrying and loved Org culture

The org culture mantra is usually considered a silicon valley mumbo jumbo. Although many companies and teams rant about culture, very few in my opinion take it seriously. In this talk I would like to discuss the importance of Org culture and how it makes or breaks businesses and teams. I will lay out some key pointers that will help the influencers in the audience make decisions about their org or team culture. The talk will be in the context of culture in tech companies.

By: Siddharth Kulkarni

A home-maker and developer experienced in enterprise java technologies, interested in emerging technology trends like artificial intelligence and IoT. Especially those that help a great deal in solving the non-trivial industrial and social problems. In free time I enjoy reading history, economics, political stuff and listening music.

8:00 pm

WrapUp and Snacks

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