2nd edition

Jul 30 2015


5:45 pm

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6:00 pm

Reactive programming style in JavaScript

In this talk, we will be demoing reactive programming techniques in JavaScript. We will be comparing both the traditional imperative and reactive styles, which will highlight the conciseness of the reactive approach. This approach also enhances the modularity and reliability of complex flows typically associated with JavaScript UI development.

By: Suvish Thoovamalayil

And: Swapneel Desai

Resources: PresentationGithub URLLive Demo

6:45 pm

Introduction to reactive streams

Organising code as chained combination of data processing steps is a common pattern. Functional programming has made it ubiquitous due to concise lambda notations. But there are wide variations in how these pipelines are implemented. Most important of these are push vs pull and lazy vs strict. We define reactive streams as push-based lazy pipelines. In this talk we will explain why these properties are important.

We will also explore other characteristics of the reactive streams:hot vs cold, linear vs graph-like, consume-once vs consume-multiple times, synchronous vs asynchronous back-pressured etc. We will then explain reactive-streams protocol which guarantees asynchronous back-pressure for push based pipelines. We will conclude with a demo using Akka-Streams which is an implementation of this protocol. The demo will involve a) streaming images from server to the browser over websockets, b) transferring large videos from one source server to multiple destination servers.

By: Mushtaq Ahmed

Resources: PresentationGithub URL - Demo1Github URL - Demo2

8:00 pm

WrapUp and Snacks

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