7th edition

Feb 7 2017


5:45 pm

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6:00 pm

Exploring StackOverflow data

When you’re stuck while programming - who you gonna call? StackOverflow! It’s an invaluable source of daily help to many. Interestingly, you can also download the entire data dump of StackOverflow and let machine learning loose on the dataset. In the talk I’ll look at what we can learn from the crowdsourced knowledge of developers worldwide. Meanwhile, you will also learn about ideas behind some machine learning algorithms that can give us insights into complex data - and also how does it all relate to cancer research! I will use a combination of statistical computing language R with functional language F# to show how you can easily access and process large-scale data the functional way.

By: Evelina Gabasova

Evelina is a machine learning researcher working in bioinformatics, trying to reverse-engineer cancer using computational methods. She is also an international conference speaker and enjoys giving talks on all topics data science. Currently, Evelina does most of her programming in R and F#, and got awarded the Microsoft MVP award for her work in the F# community. She originally started as a programmer but got interested in machine learning early on and did a mathematics PhD at the University of Cambridge, where she developed new statistical methods to analyze complex biomedical datasets.

7:00 pm

Visualizing Olympic Medals with F# and Fable

What if you could look at the source code behind any online visualization, check what data sources it uses, reproduce the results and modify any of its parameters? In this talk, I will present a data visualization project that I created around the Olympic games (http://rio2016.thegamma.net) which visualizes interesting facts about Olympic medals, but more importantly - lets you modify existing visualizations, interactively explore the data on your own and share your insights. Along the way, you will learn about building functional client-side web applications with F# and Fable – the F# to JavaScript compiler for 21st century. I will discuss how type providers change how we think about data, how functional types save the day and let you model complex domain (of data transformations) with a few lines of code and how immutability and functional programming make it easier to build interactive web applications (and what nice patterns can we learn from Elm)

By: Tomas Petricek

Tomas is a computer scientist and open-source developer. He is a Visiting Researcher at the Alan Turing Institute working on tools for open data-driven storytelling. He is an active F# contributor, developer of several F# open-source libraries and wrote a popular book called 'Real-World Functional Programming'. He is a partner at fsharpWorks (http://fsharpworks.com) where he provides trainings and consulting services. Tomas recently submitted his PhD thesis at the University of Cambridge focused on context-aware programming, but his most recent writings also includes two essays try to understand programming through the perspective of philosophy of science.

8:00 pm

WrapUp and Snacks

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