10th edition

Aug 10 2017


5:45 pm

Welcome to the way!!!!!!!!!

6:00 pm

Docker Networking

In this session we will see what are the default network configurations for a container provided by Docker. We will also see the options available other than the defaults that can be configured to achieve different communication requirements for a Docker container. Basic knowledge of what containers , docker and networking in general is expected.

By: Ashish Mohite

And: Nishant Vishwakarma

7:00 pm

Automating your OSX farm for iOS build and automation

iOS development requires XCode and OSX/macOS. While okay on, anything beyond, that is CI, infrastructure availability, setup and automation are most often painful, to say the least. In this talk, we share our set of problems and solutions for automating CI infrastructure for iOS apps.

By: Sagar Maurya

Sagar has recently joined ThoughtWorks. He has experience in Application Development. Now he is looking forward to getting into DevOps. He does KISS (Keep It Short & Simple).

And: Mikhail Advani

Mikhail is a QA turned DevOps Consultant with ThoughtWorks with Infrastructure automation being his key interest. He is an active open-source contributor with Ansible being his forte.

8:00 pm

WrapUp and Snacks

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