6th edition

Aug 31 2016


5:45 pm

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6:00 pm

Emerging Data Architectures for Next Generation Workloads

Relational database management systems have been the workhorse of industry for data processing workloads for several decades. Web 2.0 companies, dealing with click-streams, and semi-structured logs, found RDBMS to be inadequate for their needs, and the past few years have seen an explosion of purpose-built platforms to handle the volume, variety, and velocity of data, often referred to as Big Data. Operational complexity of these platforms, as well as newer use cases, have prompted a re-architecture of these new data platforms.A unified data architecture is emerging that takes advantage of the modern commodity hardware platforms. In this talk, we propose and describe such a modern unified data architecture,Butterfly Architecture, suitable for emerging data processing workloads. We describe various data abstractions supported by this architecture, with a concrete implementation of the unified storage platform by Ampool. The Ampool memory-centric unified data store modularly separates query processing & allows multiple data access patterns common in emerging work loads. One of the first hybrid transactional and analytical query engines to take advantage of Ampool, is EsgynDB, which we briefly describe in this talk. In order to support multiple query engines on a unified storage platform, as well as having a query engine work with multiple storage backends, necessitates standardization of storage engine interfaces. We propose an effort to provide a uniform API for multi-purpose storage engines.

By: Milind Bhandarkar

7:00 pm

Data Stream Algorithms

The age of Big Data has propelled innovations in streaming algorithms and synopses data structures. In this talk we will cover a few novel methods which have been developed to extract maximum information in minimal space and time.

By: Sandeep Joshi

8:00 pm

WrapUp and Snacks

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