4th edition

Apr 28 2016


05:45 pm

Welcome to the way!

06:00 pm

Introduction to Build Automation with Gradle

We are living in times where continuous delivery is a norm and deployments can not take more than `one click`. To enable this, a good build automation system is the key that ensures correctness of produced artifacts, increases the speed of Continuous-Integration pipelines, and improves the developer productivity. In this talk, we will start with a short introduction to the various terminologies used when we talk about build automation systems. We will also take a brief look at history of build tools and move on to understand what is required for next generation builds and what are our options.

We will then see how Gradle fits the bill as a next-gen build system. We will start with learning some Gradle basics first. We need to discern between imperative vs declarative style of writing builds. We will see what properties of Gradle make it absolutely fun to use. We will see some demos using Gradle. We will also bust some build system myths and unveil some gradle build anti-patterns.

By: Kunal Dabir

06:45 pm

Introduction to Build Automation with Gradle

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07:00 pm

Introduction to sbt as Scala Build Tool

Sbt is de-facto build tool for if your projects are using Scala or Scala.js. Also, if you want to contribute to an open source Scala projects (like Akka, Play, Spark), you will have to understand their sbt build. In this talk we will explore why sbt is the preferred build tool for Scala, how to create a basic build using settings, tasks and projects. We will learn how to write a custom task, how to use plugins which provide many such tasks out of the box. We will then learn how to use project console to debug sbt projects. We will end the talk by brief introduction to sbt-web a powerful plugin to enable asset-pipelining in web applications.

By: Mushtaq Ahmed

07:45 pm

Introduction to sbt as Scala Build Tool

Demo and Discussions

08:00 pm

WrapUp and Snacks

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