1st edition

Apr 2 2015


5:45 pm

Welcome to the way!!!!!!!!!

6:00 pm

What is BigData? Lets decode it!!

This session will enlighten you on what Big Data is, its challenges, and what technologies can handle it.Huge quantities of log data generated by all sorts of devices opens immense potential for insight.So We will also solve a simple Log Analytics problem on a Multi Node cluster to get a clear understanding of how its done with HADOOP / MR.

6:45 pm

What is BigData? Lets decode it!!

Shoot your questions!!!(no questions are dumb!!)

7:00 pm

From MapReduce to Spark why and how

If you have been doing/heard MapReduce type of programming and now want to switch towards Spark, this is the presentation for you. We will be covering Spark programming model and solve some non-word-count-problems with Spark and compare and contrast them with the corresponding version of MapReduce via some live coding demos.

7:45 pm

From MapReduce to Spark why and how

Demo and Discussions

8:00 pm

WrapUp and Snacks

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